Additional steps required during Openremote installation process for Raspberry Pi

This information complements the installation process for Openremote in a Raspberry Pi, as described here:

On Step 5: Set OpenRemote to Run as a Service

After creating the open remote script in /etc/init.d/ , the following steps are required:

chmod +x /etc/init.d/openremote // this step makes the script executable

*sudo update-rc.d openremote defaults * // this step adds symbolic links to the openremote script in the /etc/rc_.d folders, so it is executed when the system starts

After these steps, proceed to step 6, to reboot the system.

This information should be included on the installation guide, however, there is no way to add comments on that pageā€¦ if anyone knows how to contact the author, please do it.



thank you very much

The wiki has been updated, thanks for the heads-up!