Android & SSL Controller


I’ve for a few years now run my openremote controller behind a Apache reverse proxy that do some basicauth and that has been working without a problem with the Android client.

Whilst simple authentication is better than nothing I was hoping to avoid sending my authentication in cleartext on the wire so have SSL’d up my Apache-side as well.

Unfortunately it seems that as soon as I type a ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ URL for a controller in the Android client a connection is not even attempted to the remote host from the Android device.

In desperation I tried http://:443/controller but it seems like it is trying to talk plain http on tcp:443 then (not surprisingly).

I am using the Market-found Openremote Android client v3.4

Any chance for SSL support for the controller url?


I’m guessing that you’re using self signed certificates; these do not work without specific code changes as Android cannot verify the signature.

If you have a domain you could buy a proper signed certificate from a well known certificate authority.



I’m afraid that it is a proper signed certificate which works without prompts in Chrome/Firefox on the same Android devices. Also as mentioned, no connection attempt is made in the first place as soon as the protocol is changed from http to https so it is definitely not even attempting to start the SSL handshake.