Breaking Changes to latest docker images

This topic is here for us to communicate any significant changes to the code base that will appear in the latest nightly docker images with the intention of helping users update their custom projects.

A breaking change has been made to the MQTT topic structure for asset and attribute publish and subscribe, please see the wiki page:

The latest manager docker image has breaking DB schema and will required a clean install.

Latest keycloak docker image is now using v18 which has significant changes to what we used previously. Environment variables in docker compose files have been renamed accordingly so be aware if using your own compose files.

I’ve simply copied keycloak section from staging.demo and now in custom project it does not redirct to localhost after login. However, this section doesn’t look right to me. It does:

      - ./deployment:/deployment

which results in empty folder. Anyway, elaboration on significant changes and renamed accordingly would be helpful.

Indeed that volume mapping is incorrect but there are no custom keycloak themes in the main repo so it is not relevant but I will update this mapping.