Cannot create Group Asset

Hello all,

I’m having trouble trying to create Group Assets. No matter its (intended) place in the hierarchy, the command always ends with the “Failed to create asset” dialog.

Any hints?


Hi Claudio, we are aware of it. It’s pending a structural solution.

However, there is a workaround:

  • select another existing asset and change to ‘Modify’ mode
  • add a group asset and press ‘Add’
  • select a ‘childAssetType’ for the group asset, and than ‘Save’
  • don’t forget to set the parent correctly
  • go to ‘View’ mode

And just to be clear, a GroupAsset is a special asset type that only accepts assets with an asset type of the set childAssetType as its children. So trying to add an asset with a different asset type will result in an error (which should be a bit more descriptive…).
As Pierre said, we are working on additional functionality for this GroupAsset asset type.

FYI, you can use any asset to group other assets.

Hi Pierre, thanks for your reply.

I’m not sure I’m understanding your instructions, childAssetType and other attribs always appears grayed out and are not editable, this is how I see them:

But nevermind, I understand this is undergoing work, so I’ll stick with dummies as Groups in the meantime, no problem.

thanks again,

Hi Don, thanks for your comments.

FYI, you can use any asset to group other assets.

Yes, this is how I’m doing it right now. It’s ok, will wait for news…


Hi Claudio, I clarified the instruction (see above)