Community Event Solingen

Hi community,

We like to invite you to the Smart Living Forum Solingen, a community event hosted by the City of Solingen, with a special focus on open source, and co-organised with the communities of openHAB and ioBroker. It’s a day full of opportunities to discuss and learn about OpenRemote, meet other users, see inspiring applications, and dive into specific technical topics. Doing it jointly with OpenHAB and ioBroker is an opportunity to exchange ideas and get inspired by others facing similar challenges.

The event will be on Saturday 18 November in Solingen, from 10am - 6pm, where we will have a booth, organise a few breakout sessions, and have invited speakers presenting real live IoT applications at scale. Just check the agenda for more details as well as for registration. We look forward to getting your input on topics which interest you the most, so we can cater a program for the breakout sessions. Please post here any topic you like to get covered!

On a special note: the City of Solingen organises a Meet & Greet pizza event at 7:30pm only for us, the open source community members. Would be great to talk further over a beer! Please register for the Meet & Great so the City knows the numbers. No need to register for the event itself.

And last but not least, a hackathon will take place the day after, Sunday 19 November. Solingen provides access to smart devices and city data and the participants are accompanied by a professional team through ideation, implementation and presentation phases. There will be prices for the winners and it will be a lot of fun! Everyone interested is invited to register for the hackathon here.

We look forward seeing you in Solingen,

Pierre, Rich, Don, Martin (we will be there :slight_smile: )


These are topics we have in mind. Please share your favourite ones as we are flexible

  • Building apps for OpenRemote (Martin Peeters)
  • Using auto provisioning over MQTT for projects at scale (Rich Turner)
  • Anything you wanted to know about OpenRemote (Don Willems, Pierre Kil, Rich Turner)
  • Your topic?

Looking forward to meeting you in person if you can make it to Solingen! :partying_face:

Feel free to share some topics to discuss when we are there so we can prepare a bit.

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I just reserved my tickets for the Meet & Greet, can’t wait to see everyone there!


So sad, that I can’t join you. :frowning:
I wish you a lot of fun and good discussions!

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I have added a couple of proposals for practical topics. No rocket science topics, but I am always open to learning new techniques.

  • Demonstration of advanced Debugging techniques: How do you debug a live deployment? How do you manage logs? How do you report with Prometheus and Grafena, and what parameters are available? How do you sniff messages from the Apache Camel bus? What other tools are available configured for OpenRemote?

  • Gateways: How do they work, and how do they initialise? Can we use them as sensor-edge-gateways? Can we configure them as low-latency gateway abroad for a faster app experience?

  • Groovy rules performance insights: How is the engine built? How is the firing mechanism designed? What are the drawbacks of rules on more extensive sets of asset states? How to find out when a TemporaryFact has expired.

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Hi Peter, thanks for the topics. Quite relevant I can imagine. Any other suggestions by others who like to come the 18th?

(So Peter, I assume you are coming, great! Don’t forget to register for the Pizza and beer :slight_smile: ).

Thank you for your hospitality during the event. It was interesting meeting all of you and thank you for your explanations and interesting talks.

See you next time👋


Thanks Peter. We enjoyed meeting up face to face with quite a few of you. Also glad to hear back your enthusiasm!

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