controller 2.6 alpha , problem with status

no problem with 1.4 , now using 2.6 beta with java 8 and this is my problem:

(SWITCH_BINARY)I'm Pushing the button on the Webconsole,The binary switches turns on and turns off , and the status change, it's ok
(SWITCH_MULTILEVEL) , I'm Pushing the button on the Webconsole, the light turns on, but the button doesn't change it's status (off) . Pushing the button again, the light stays on and the button doesn't change (off)

i push a virtual button to receiving the status feedback , and the button change status to On , same problem with the off !!!

how do i solve the problem ?

config (z-wave,stick,windows 7 64 bits)

many people have this problem!

Yes, I have the same problem with a switch multilevel Fibaro on Linux, after upgrading version the controller to 2.6.2 (in the version 2.1.1 he work properly).

Very much hope that Rainer will tell us how to fix this problem.

I’m aware of it and working on it. See thread : Problem with the dimmer Fibaro FGD-211

thank you !!!