Could RULES help me do this ??

I think rules can help but wanted to check…

  1. Apply a different colour to a label’s value returned depending on the value within a custom sensor

Ie.If it is 0 display OFFLINE in red and if its a 1 display ONLINE in white

I have a camera view screen (see attached) and from the buttons on the left I want to be able to select/switch the camera feed to be display in the right box

Can RULES help accomplish these and any code snippets or help appreciated



camera view.PNG

Hi Frank

I'm not sure how to help with your second question, but the first one is easy :slight_smile: and it doesn't involve using the rules.

All I do is substitute labels for images, then link the image to a sensor.

Different images can be associated with different sensor states.

Good luck,


any idea where and how to make this connection between the sensor state and the image
For a sensor I only see a place to add text or is the answer here one of those in-memory commands


You can do this for a custom sensor type. Define custom states items for it, for each image one. Then, when you place this sensor on a screen you can link an image to each custom state.

custom sensor screen shot attached as well as the sensor on the screen
how do I construct the url for the image on screen

images are red.png and green.png and uploaded already

sensor on screen.PNG

sensor config.PNG

What designer are you using? In the I can click on the Sensor State field and then I get the pop-up window where I can select an image. On yours picture there is text input screen. Maybe you can put there just image name which you’ve uploaded to the designer?