Date Time Java 1.8 Pi

Hi, Does the date and time protocol work with Java 1.8 on the Pi3?

I can’t currently get any of it working.

Yes it does work. Although the PI itself does not seem to synchronize time correctly on its own out of the box. What specific issue are you running in to?

I can’t get any of it work, have went back to basics and just trying to display the date.
i’ve just updated to the latest beta relase.

i had it working on a old verison, 1.6 java but that SD card failed.

If you want you could try the Openremote version 2.6 beta 3 to test the data and time protocol. That is what I am using on RPI 3

Version 2.6 is fully compatible with java version 8

Thanks for getting back to me. It now works, not sure why it didn’t before. I went to bed, got up and the date and time was displayed. Maybe it needs more time that I was giving it.

out of curiosity does your PI take correct time from the ntp ? Every time I shut down my PI for an extended period of time I have to manually reset the clock- for me does not seem to synchronize the time correctly with the default ntp servers

Would love to know if you are experiencing similar behavior

Sometimes there are problems with keeping everything in sync. I've written a little blog for solving this on eBox
You can try a similar thing with Pi.


For me the solution presented at the very end of this link solved the problem.

Now my Pi synchronizes time correctly every time after a reboot or when it off for an extended period of time. Basically edited the rc.local file and added the following line to it:

/sbin/iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING 1 -o wlan0 -p udp --dport 123 -j TOS --set-tos 0x00