Designer 2.5 - offline

The Designer 2.5 is not available currently. We are working on it and hope to get it online again in a short while. We are of course a bit embarrassed the SSL certificate expired and we didn’t take action in time. We apologize for that and hope you are not facing to many delays in your projects.

We are still experiencing problem fixing the SSL certificate issue.
To unblock the situation, we are temporarily using a self-signed certificate. This means that you’ll get a warning from your browser and you will have to add an exception to access the designer.

As soon as the official certificate is available, we’ll install it and the exception will not be required.

Is there a way to configure the controller to accept this? Right now when I do sync the following message appears:

Downloading account configuration failed : PKIX path building failed: Unable to find certificate chain.

I can't log into the pro designer

The designer main page loads (no moduler or panel lists) and it displays the following error "Can't get panel from xml file"
Clicking okay causes the error message to disappear and the page appears to hang


Same for me.

There is always an authentication problem with the designer. The certificate is not yet valid. The designer’s page is very long to display and ends with the same error.

Designer does not REQUIRE httpS and one can either add the exception (easy and “safe”) or just visit via http. (easy)

As to the Cert. For 9-10 Euro a completely basic GeoTrust cert (aka DV cert) can be purchased and deployed while in parallel, pursuing the more complicated process of an OV or EV Cert.

The Designer site should now be fully functional with a valid SSL certificate. Thanks again everybody for putting up with the trouble.

Thanks Eric ( & co.) for resolving
...great to see if up and running

Thanks everyone.

I can confirm the designer site is working with Google Chrome for Windows, and working as expected with Chrome for Android.
(Although, drag and drop has never worked with any Android browser)

Controller syncing is back to normal too:-) (tested with Ubuntu Server 14 LTS and Debian Jessie 8.3)


Not synchronized with the Designer site. Only through export .zip file.

or dis no sinc.png

That's strange.

My Ubuntu Server 14 LTS controller synchronised perfectly this morning.

Thinking about it....

I haven't made any changes to my controllers at all.

I do remember seeing a post that mentioned doing something with the crypto thing as a temporary work around.

Have you made any changes to your controller, that might need reversing (back to normal)?

No, I did not make no changes to the crypto in my controller. Only changes to the designers who have downloaded in my controller in the form of a .zip file.