DNS Queries from OpenRemote Controller

I am running openremote control on a Raspberry Pi.

When I check in my logs, it looks like the controller queries the DNS server every minute to check on the designer.openremote.com domain

Why is that necessary?

How can I stop it?

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 18.32.27.png

Any feedback on this from OpenRemote Developers?

What controller version are you using ?

Anyway, this was part of the remote proxy mechanism, allowing remote access from a console to the controller with the need for VPN/port forwarding setup.
There are several discussion about this in the group but the bottom line is that there is some shortcoming with this implementation and this is now basically retired.

Controller 2.6 beta 3 will completely disable those calls by default.

You can already do this by setting following properties in config.properties file of controller:

remote.command.request.interval = 86400s

Additionally, you can do set the following environment variable when running the controller: