Drone tracking with openremote

I am new to working with different platforms.
Is it possible to track (with openremote map) and control (with http protocol) the drone that sends data to the gateway using the LoRaWAN protocol by openremote?


would be easier, if you provide more informations.

What you try to archieve? To see, where the Drone is on the map? To set a Marker, where the drone has to fly to?
The Drone has a LoRa sender and reciever, or own GSM/GPS Modul?
Do you add a extra microcontroler to the drone?

Hey Denis,
Thank you for your answer.
In the scenario I have in mind, I want to command the drone via the platform to fly to a destination (the drone is equipped with an autopilot). This drone will act as a reconnaissance drone. After checking the area, it will send the information to the LoRaWAN server through the LoRaWAN protocol, and the Laura server will send them to the platform after decoding the LoRaWAN packets. In the platform, this received information will be processed and after making a decision, other drones will be given the necessary commands according to the scenario (search and rescue). I want to know this scenario can be done with Openremote or not? (Probably, the connection between Laura’s server and the platform when receiving information will be with the HTTP protocol, and the platform’s connection with other drones will be with the MQTT protocol)

I would say,yes it is possible. But ofc there is no out of the box Solution.

But why http Protocol? You can bridge mqtt too and set up a local environment.

For example: i have 12v Mini-PC which runs an openremote instance and build up a local wifi network.