Get Started on Pro Designer 2.0


To make it easier to get started with the Pro Designer, we have added a ‘Get Started’ to If you want to do more you can either use the Wiki pages or get a copy of ‘How to Smart Home’, the tutorial book by Othmar Kyas:

Thanks Othmar for helping to write the pages.


For linux we should have something like:

apt-get install openremote

For OSX:

brew install openremote

Many people are too lazy to do more :wink:

Kind regards,


The windows installer I created a long time ago should also be given more prominence

Hi Richard,

Will it work with the new 1.5 release? If it works, will of course add it immediately.

Hi Pierre,

Yes it will. I have given Stuart a build of 1.5.0 with this update in it.

I have also informed Eric of the update so he can include it in the official release.


Are you 2 talking about same thing ?
Rich, I think you’re talking about the changes to Alarm and Velbus protocol that will make it to 1.5.0.
Pierre was talking about the Windows installer I guess.

Regarding the later, does it required a windows machine to build the installer ?

Hi Eric,

Yes you’re right, apologies for mixing conversations.

With regards to installer then it is using NSIS so uses scons and python and can be compiled on POSIX systems.

It was quite a while ago that i created that but I believe there was the option of embedding the JRE in with the installer but obviously makes for a large file then, apart from this it only unzips the packaged controller and creates start menu and desktop shortcuts to launch using standard openremote.bat batch file.

I remember making updates to the batch file to assist with launching so the compatibility with the latest version should be checked.


I think that this isn't allowed. I might be wrong thou. Somebody would need to read the license properly.

Kind regards,
Michal Rutka

I’ve seen applications do this in the past and Oracle provide documentation on doing this also: -