How can we help and some questions

I have contributed some code in the past and I am glad to see things moving forward. In your post “Updates on OpenRemote” you mention that you want developers to help out. One thing that may help is if you can identify specific areas where you could use some input. We all have our areas of expertise and it may be easier to contribute if we have known issues you want addressed. The Issues list is a start but there are likely things not on that list that you have no time for yet. Also if it is on the issues list I assume you guys are taking care of it and I do not want to “step on your toes”.

Now some questions:

  1. If we had the professional designer are we automatically upgraded to 2.5? Your post seemed to indicate that the issues are only with the free version

  2. Before I make the leap, I assume the Android Console has not changed. I have made some code changes to my Android Console (image scaling stuff) and want to make sure it will work with 2.5 controller

  3. The Synology controller install is still a manual process. Any reason the latest console will not still work on Synology?

One minor complaint. It is not easy to determine what versions we are using. When I log into the designer I have no idea if it is 2.1 or 2.5. The controller doesn’t seem to show a version either, for example in a readme (or I am not looking hard enough). The console shows a version not sure how accurate it is though.

I’m relatively new to OR, and not that informed, but I have the Pro and Free designers and recommend you log out (top right) of the designer, and on the log in screen (under the Login button) you can see the version of the designer.
Version 2.5.1 r11226 (2016-06-06 OpenRemote_2.5.1)
Version 2.14.0 (2013-04-20 Markab)
Version 2.14.0 (2014-10-30 Markab)