How many CPU cores does / should OR controller use?


I've been doing a little bit of testing with a multicore single board computer, but the results aren't noticeably better than the single core SBCs I've tried.

For example, top reports that the OR java process use upwards of 80% CPU on the single core machine.

When I run OR on a multi core machine, top still reports ~80%, with the same performance (or worse) compared to the single board machine.

If I'm understanding the manual for top, the percentage refers to each core.

So the maximum a single process (not thread) could use of a dual core machine is 200% or 800% for a quad core machine.

So, what I'm asking is..

Does anyone know of a definitive way to find out how many cores (specifically) an OpenRemote controller is using, or....

Is there a way to force an OpenRemote controller to use all available cores?

Many thanks,


I've just found this thread, but it doesn't mean a great deal to me.

I do wish there was a babel fish for non-programmers like me :wink: