how to do a re-install of OR without lossing z-wave sensors and devices already linked?

Hello !

Is there a way to migrate all the information about sensors and devices from my current OR server to a fresh installation (same SW version)?

I believe I might have messed some OR files… and I want to do a clean install, but I would like to avoid having to add ALL the devices again to the z-wave controller.

Thanks in advance !


What do you mean by OR server? If this is the same as OR controller the simply synchronising the new install with designer will do the trick. If you mean a new designer account, then you can export from the old one and import it to the new one.

Hi Michal
Yes, I meant a new open remote controller. Thank you !


Mi Michal
Just a follow up question… will all the xml files in the ~/openremote/webapps/controller/zwave/ folder be imported from the z-stick, or do I have to copy them manually?

Thanks again !