Images Not Changing on v2.5/iOS10


I have recently setup up a new OpenRemote RPI connected to a Fibaro controller using basic HTTP API turnOn/Off commands and have the status reading back.
If I create the commandOn/Off with an individual label, the light can be toggled ON/OFF with the status changing to ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’. When I try to use a switch with two images, the light will turn On with the switch but the image does not change to the ON image - it stays in the OFF image regardless of the status change. I have tried this on two iphones (1x iphone7, 1x iphone6), a mac mini 1 all on iOS 10…x with OpenRemote v2.5 - all display the same issue. I have an iPad 1 with old OpenRemote 2.1.x which works correctly. Is this an iOS 10 issue or are other people experiencing this issue.


IS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCING THIS ISSUE? I can’t be the only one having four devices not working on v2.5.
I am considering using OpenRemote for a Home Automation business I am currently setting up but starting to have concerns with the lack of support TBH.

Since you have not gotten too far with 2.5 I would suggest you try out 2.6beta v3

Several issues in 2.5 seem to have been fixed and some enhancements .

If you are planning on using OpenRemote for a business, you might want to reach out to the commercial team for paid support.

I happily recommend OpenRemote's commercial solutions to my installation customers.