In Memory Switch - funny issue - need help

I have this crazy issue with In memory switches - I have atleast 10 of these switches working very well with drools for last 5-6 months, however lately one of the switch had issue due to change of name in command and since then no matter what any new switch i create it just doesn’t work … the simplest switch as below

Switch_On : on

Switch_Off : off

Switch_Status: status

address for all of these : aaaaaa (its unique in my system)

I created sensor using the status command above and then switch using this new sensor and on and off command above… BUT in UI nothing happens, i read the archives and done as suggested to check using a buttons for on and off and label (connected to sensor) to check if its working but nope … the press of button with “in memory command” for on or off simply is not doing anything at all, logs shows nothing and the funny part is the older switches which i created on 2.1.0 few months back are still working fine after migration to 2.5.0

I am running oracle JDK 8 with 2.5.0 controller, i tried enough but couldn’t figure out whats happening really need help here.

regards .DGI

I increased the log threshold to ALL and checked the TRACE of sensors and new sensor i created is not polling at all while all old sensors are polling fine .. my syntax and commands for these sensors are exactly the same - on / off / status / common address for all 3 --> ties to sensor and switch. Nothing happens when i click the button in UI.