iOS Console version 2.5 released

A new version of the iOS console is now available in the AppStore.
It has been labelled version 2.5 to provide some consistency with the Designer and Controller versions but is otherwise the 2.2.1 version with some additional fixes.

Let me address some specific requests / comments that we have received about the console:

Issue with TabBar images

In the previous versions of the console (2.1.x and below), the images used in the designer on a tab bar were used as a mask, on which a color gradient is applied. This means you should really use a black and white image with the alpha channel driving intensity of the gradient and not color images that will anyway not be displayed correctly.
In the first 2.2.0 version, we did change that behaviour to display images as is, which meant color images would display correctly. This however was a departure from the way it used to work and broke the existing designs users had. We thus chose to revert to the behaviour of the previous console and will keep it that way. If you want to use images, don’t use a tab bar but simulate one using buttons with a navigation action.

Delay for buttons to display their pressed state

When tapping on a button, it takes some time (0.3 sec) for the pressed state image to be displayed, this was not the case in previous versions of the console.
This is a normal behaviour in iOS in order to avoid interference between the detection of a swipe gesture and a tap on the button. The OS waits for 0.3 sec in order to detect the potential start of a swipe motion and only registers a tap after that delay.
Although it is possible to remove that delay, this would mean that if you want to swipe on a screen with buttons (e.g. because it’s a group with multiple screens or you assigned a command to a swipe gesture), you would need to make sure that you don’t start your swipe over an existing button in the UI.
We felt that introducing a delay but avoiding this kind of potential wrong trigger was the better option to choose.

Some people have still reported errors (tab bar disappearing, wrong navigation, connection issues over HTTPS, …) but we have not been able to reproduce that so far.
If you still have issues with controller 2.5 and iOS console 2.5, please post those issues here and if possible send me a zip of your configuration so we can try to reproduce with it.

Hi Eric,

Since the iOS app update to 2.2 (now updated to 2.5.1), we are still experiencing the issue where the TabBar does not load at app startup. On both of our iPhones, we always have to go into settings and then press “Done”, then the TabBar is displayed and functions properly until the app is closed or restarted.

Have there been any updates on how to resolve this?




I have noticed that if you use the tab bar with the scope “panel” it will disappear if you close or restart the app but if you use “group” instead this will not happen.


Hey folks, I may have another issue with iOS app.

Here is a summary of the issue that has to do with a switch with ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ images attached.

  1. I have a mute function that I am using for a Yamaha receiver, I have verified both the ‘on’ and ‘off’ command as well as the sensor, this works as expected.

  2. I add a switch using said commands and sensor, no custom images attached to the switch; this also works as expected.

  3. I add custom images to the switch for the ‘on’ and ‘off’ states; the switch will enable the mute function, however the image will not change to the mute on state, and pressing the switch again does nothing.

  4. A second switch on the same panel without the custom images still works correctly.

  5. On an android device a switch with the same mute function with custom images works correctly, thus my zeroing in on the iOS app.

Please let me what I need to provide to get this issue further diagnosed. Thanks.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the advice, but this change did not work for me. I completely re-created the tab bar in all groups with scope set to group, and the tab bar still will not load at app launch.

Any other ideas?



Hi Erik B,

I am experiencing the same issue with the iOS app 2.5 like Erik Skogen.

I have set up a simple switch to one device (API to Fibaro) and with no images attached, the switch works correctly and changes from OFF/ON status. Once I add small icon images (36pixel) the OFF image is always displayed and never changes regardless of the light activation. I have confirmed the switch/image has been set up correctly by running OpenRemote on my old iPad1 (v2.1.3), with the animation changing. I have also tested on my wife’s iPad mini running v2.5 and the same problem.

If you require any further information to resolve, please let me know. I would love to know how you will go about fault finding this issue and the development tools you use for OpenRemote.