Map Widget Settings


I have tried entering Lat and Longitude settings into the geo position attributes for my assets. I am in the UK, but the map always defaults back to Rotterdam? Do I need to adjust any Environment settings in the container?



this is because for demo there is only a small map of Rotterdam included. You would need to extract and install your own map data. It is quite simple, you just put a new map as ./deployment/map/mapdata.mbtiles. @Don knows everything how a custom map can be created.

Thanks @michal

I will look into it.

I read on the issues list that you were considering linking to a map provider - that would be a good move :slight_smile:

Hi @3more,

Please follow this wiki page on the use of maps.
Note that you can download a map (free for personal use) using the link mentioned on the wiki. If you want to have a smaller portion of that map, you can use the guide (last section) on extracting that from the downloaded map.

If you have any questions please let us know,


Thanks Don,

I did as you suggested and it is working great now :slight_smile: