Marantz Protocol - volume slider with ${param} error

Hi everyone,

Would anyone have experience getting a volume slider working with a Marantz 7005 and OpenRemote?

When I use Marantz protocol to set a volume value command and try to adjust the slider in the iOS client, this comes in dev.log and the client crashes:

2017-12-28 15:15:25,087 ERROR [HTTP-Thread-4]: Error executing command ‘/620/44’ : Invalid volume parameter value (${param})
org.openremote.controller.exception.NoSuchCommandException: Invalid volume parameter value (${param})


In the error above, the value 44 would seem to indicate that the slider value is properly read? At least it is the value I was adjusting the slider to.

If I use normal int values like 25, 35 etc. in the volume value parameter slot in Designer, these work just fine.



I took a peek in the source code, the Marantz protocol expects just an empty parameter in the Designer to interprete it as dynamic. Issue solved.