MQTT not connecting

Hi there clever people.
I have OR running on Google compute node. The management panel works well, no issues, but I cannot connect to MQQT at all. I can see it listening on port 8883 and it did seem to work yesterday but then stopped. I have restarted. SSL is active and certs generated. I have checked firewalls, ports are open, a telnet test also responds on that port. There is a warning in logs after a restart of: AbstractIOClientProtocol Failed to create IO client for protocol: MQTT Client[].
All the docker modules are running. I have followed the instructions to create a thing with attributes etc, but there is no indication in logs that it is connecting and failing even. If I turn the server off and use MQTT explorer, you can see it takes long to time out. With OR running, the connection instantly drops when you connect, stating “disconnected from server” No errors in logs. Please help!! I really want to try this out.

I also followed this article en changed added the 1883 non ssl port to manager in the yml. Netstat shows port listening, but no connection. Failed to subscribe to MQTT topic - #14 by dsehrawat