Openremote APIs JSON


trying to find some formal documentation on how to use the APIs that openremote offers. i have some success with the XML API based on some of the examples the other thread in this forum. On the main wiki page for openremote it states “OpenRemote supports a large variety of automation protocol standards. In addition, it provides APIs for the customisation and extension of its capabilities.”

Wondering if openremote supports JSON based API. I am trying to use this accessory "HTTP-Temperature’ in homebridge which requires a JSON response. WIll it be possible to use this accessory with openremote?

I paste the url for battery status in a browser, i get the right response with the battery value but homebridge is giving following error:

[Main door Battery] Requesting temperature on “”, method GET

[8/28/2017, 10:38:08 PM] [Main door Battery] Error processing received information: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

my config.json for homebridge is as follows:


   "accessory": "HttpTemperature",

“name”: “Main door Battery”,

“url”: “”,

“http_method”: “GET”,

   "field_name": ""