OpenRemote Scalability

Hello everybody,
I’m quite new in this community and trying to learn and investigate OpenRemote for using in Building Automation projects.All videos that I watched was about small projects, mainly home automation projects.
Firstly: I’m wondering if it is scalable and reliable enough to be used in big building automation projects integrating HVAC,Lighting,Security etc…as well or not? Is there any considerable reference?
Secondly: how would be the system architecture for building automation ? is there any recommendation for compatible local controller or edge computer/controller that OpenRemote could be implemented on?
Any help would be appreciated…

Hi, you might be mixing up the designer with the new manager? The current manager is a release candidate but applied in larger building projects already, have a look at for some references. You can run OpenRemote as an Edge Controller on anything similar like e.g. RaspberryPi4.