OpenRemote Synchronisation Issues

Hi Everyone, this is my first post and it concerns the OR synchronisation. I’m currently running Controller V2.6.1 and using Designer V2.5.0.

When I first upgraded to Controller 2.6.0 (a few months ago), I had an issue synchronising whereby if I did an online synch, the connection between the Controller and KNX stopped. I was not able to establish what the issue was but I was able to download the .zip file from the online Designer and perform an offline synchronisation which worked (I was able to update the GUI in Designer and save OK and this allowed me to download the .zip file to perform the offline synchronising).

When it became available, I upgraded to Controller V.2.6.1 and further testing revealed the synchronisation problem remained, but again, I was able to get by with offline synchronising.

Yesterday (19-Aug) I was updating the GUI in Designer and this was working (by performing offline Synchronising) but then around 10pm UK time, I was getting a blank screen when I tried to access the online Designer (internet connection was working for any other sites). I then tried to access the Designer this morning and it was up again and so I updated the GUI and saved accordingly (which works fine), but I discovered that the synchronisation issue has now extended to offline synchronising (although with the offline synchronisation, the communication between the Controller and KNX still works, it’s just that the changes saved in the online Designer do not exist in the updated Controller) . The result is that while I can update the GUI in Designer and save, I am unable to transfer these changes to the Controller on my server.

Has anyone experienced such issues?

Having had a quick look at your designer account with the credentials you shared with me, I can make changes, click save, designer reports it has saved but when I log out and then back in the changes are missing so clearly the save is not working correctly.

Are the changes persisted for you between logins?

I remember similar problems in the past where the designer incorrectly reports successful save despite a problem occurring on the backend.

I have tried again and as with you, it reports the changes have been saved but when I log back in, they have not been saved.

Just tried again 1 minute ago and the changes are now being saved.

This mechanism is part of some old code that would need to be reviewed.

There is at some place in the code a check that detects some inconsistencies in the data saved. When it reaches that, it flags the account as having an inconsistency (in an in-memory list).
When an account is flagged, the save is actually not performed anymore to prevent overriding a valid backup of the configuration.
When that happens, only a warning log message on the server for the administrators is output, but not error is thrown by the save method, hence the designer believes that the save happens correctly and nothing is reported to the end-user.

I did restart the process during the weekend, so as the flagged account list is in-memory, the save worked again afterwards.