OpenRemote v3 milestones

Hello Everyone

Welcome to this new OpenRemote community forum.

Today we released the first milestone of the OpenRemote version 3 series. The main project is or-controller, you can find the code on Github:

This is still very early code, only suitable for development and testing.

So for the second milestone we have a few priority items to work on:

  • Creating an iOS project and re-using as much code from the or-shared project as possible. This Java code has been written vor Java 1.7 and should be cross-compilable to iOS with j2objc. On top of this we have to build the UI layer with native iOS frameworks, for a great user experience. We are trying to share and cross-compile Java code between platforms, instead of a less sophisticated hybrid mobile application strategy (we use mobile WebViews internally to render the OpenRemote panel console).

  • Work on IoT core functionality: We need a Context Broker in OpenRemote v3. The old broker (called StatusCache) in v2 was really an internal element and we should expose the context/current state of the system as a proper service. We have been looking at the Fiware context broker Orion ( and so far like the dynamic model and API.

  • We have only just started on Protocol Adapters and Flow Components in v3. Our new integration framework is Apache Camel, so protocol adapters are Camel components with some metadata to make them easier to manage in OpenRemote. Some protocols we want to have our own adapters for are KNX, BLE, Philips Hue, Nest, and Belkin Wemo. Flow event processors also touch the Camel API, and flow widgets have a Web Component (Shadow DOM, etc.) HTML5 user interface. One particular flow widget we want to work on soon is a flexible Map/GIS component based on OpenStreetMap.

This is an exciting time for OpenRemote and we invite you to join us in this effort.




have you and the team looked into the possibilitiy of offering geofencing capabilities with the new platform? With all the great Open Streetmap based capabilities this would open up a whole host of new applications.


Hi Othmar,

Indeed geofencing is on our RADAR. There is a current need for this in the Beatrixkanaal project and I am just about to start a basic implementation of geofencing and push notifications for this project. The project has a bespoke UI application but the hope is whatever gets created can also be used in OR 3.0.



by when will OpenRemote Designer 3.0 be ready for connecting to a 2.5/2.6 Controller installation with some basic functionality?


Hi Othmar

We had some code that connected Controller v2 and the prototypes we developed for v3. This connection based on the old HTTP API and sensor/command models was however not stable. Working around problems caused by old code consumed too much time. Features we need, like in-process deployment of multiple Controller instances, are difficult to implement on the v2 codebase.

We extracted the core code of Controller v2, cleaned it up and added it to v3. It’s now called Agent instead of Controller. This gives us the freedom to make other much needed changes, and develop new APIs and models as required by the commercial projects we are currently implementing. The application we are working on is available as an open source example. You can download a v2 version, our main focus is to port this to v3:

At this time we don’t have a released version of v3 that should be installed by regular users. For developers who are interested in contributing:

Backwards compatibility and a migration path, which would probably connect v3 with existing Controller v2 installations, are on the road map for a later date.