Openremote VS Arduino integration of slider values.

I desperately need
some help with a project where I need to transfer the slider value from
Openremote to an Arduino ESP8266.

The Arduino is going
to control my Air-conditioned using IR. OpenRemote is installed on a RPI and I
am using an IPhone.

So far so good, the
challenge is how to get the values from the temperature slider to the Arduino
when the slider control is updated.

I have experimented
with UDP communication and are able to send

sending messages back
and forth from OpenRemote and the Arduino but I am stuck on how it is possible
to send the actual set value of the slider to the Arduino.

Are there anybody
smart brain out there that is able to guide me?


I'm no expert, but I'll try to point you in the right direction until someone better than I can give you an exact answer.

If you're saying that you can create commands in OpenRemote that set values in your Arduino, then it should just be a case of creating a new command to link to the slider.
(Using whichever range sensor you have to give you minimum and maximum values)

The trick (I think) is to insert a ${param} element within the new command to take the value from the slider and push it into the Ardiuno.

I have a couple of http commands that have carefully placed ${param} elements to inject values (or text) from rules or sliders.

For example,


As seen in this ART-Net how to :-

I hope this gives you enough information to move forward.

Please do post your own explanation of how you get your Ardiuno working.


Slider consists of:

  • Slider
  • Sensor
  • ReadCommand
  • SetValue
  • WriteCommand

I’ll assume your sensor is working ok and the label correctly shows the temp value coming from the Arduino (although I’m not sure how your Arduino knows to broadcast to your RPi IP address on port 9091 - I’ll assume that is programmed into the Arduino).

For the Write Command you need to use the ${param} placeholder which openremote will replace with the slider value, so if your Arduino is expecting something like:


Then your command will be:

UPDATE ${param}

Hope this helps and good luck.


I am getting very close i think but I am stuck because I am not able to transfer the slider temperatur value to the SendToArduino command. If I hardcode an arbitrary value, it pops up in the arduino like a charm, but I need to get the slidervalue to the param value of the SendToArduino command. I have tried to search for an solution but as I said am really stuck.

Everything else works like it should.

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Yes, very close. The rule should be:

rule “publish”


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