Operating KXN Blind/Shutter Actuator with OR

I want to operate the ABB device JRA/S Blind/Shutter Actuator with OR.

I programed it in ETS5 and the program gives me the object to move UP/DOWN and one object to Adjust Slat UP/DOWN. When I import to OR and give the command type “Dimmer/Blind Step” I got one command for moving UP and one for moving DOWN.

The problem is, both of my comands are moving DOWN. Anyone knows how to fix it?

I thought of inverting the command that moves the Blind down, and maybe this will move the blind up. Like: execute.command(“up_command”, not “down_command”), or something like this. But I dont’t know how to do this with rules or any other way.
I´ve already tried to criate a custom sensor for my down_command and a rule like that:

Rule “Blind UP”


Event(source==“Down command sensor”, $v: value)


execute.command(“up_command”, not “down_command”);


Obviously didn’t work, but that’s the ideia.