Pro Designer - Panel Sizes etc


The default iPad size is 768 x 1024.

By trial and error, I have discovered that the custom panel size to be used for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is 1366 x 2048.

I want to replicate a design done for the normal iPad on the iPad Pro.

Is there any way that I can copy any of the screens from a normal iPad panel to an iPad Pro panel?

Can I move the screens from one panel to another?


Again, I could be wrong, there could be another way....

I resolve this by creating a private template of the donor design, then create a new panel from the template.
After which I edit the size of the new panel and shift the elements to suit.

The down side of this is that the elements in the new panel will need linking to their respective sensors and switches.

I'd be really keen to hear of an alternative solution.

As a side thought...

I've got a single panel in my design which is 2500 x 2500.
Both the portrait and landscape views have a single image in the foreground of a grid.

I then reference each new device I work with against this panel to find out what the most suitable panel size is.

Don't be tempted to put the grid image in the background as those tend to get stretched to the client screen.


I tried to use the suggested Template route, but I could not save any templates.

I got an error msg:

*Beehive database not available at the moment. Error message: Failed to save screen as a template: *

Any reason for that or is it just a temporary problem?

I'm not directly connected with the server management team, but I'll go out on a limb and suggest that it's only a very temporary problem while the Free designer is incorporated into Pro.

I've certainly not had any problems in the past using that solution in Pro.

The resolution to use for an iPad Pro 12.9in is 1366 x 1024. You need to use the “point resolution” (or logical resolution) of the device, not the “pixel resolution”.
You can use as a reference to check the value to use based on your device.

I did test saving a template and did not have an issue.

If the issue persist, please send tell me your user name and the date and time when you had the issue. This might be a bug specific to the panel you’re trying to create a template from.

Hi Eric,

Every time when I log into the Pro Designer, I get an error msg : " 500 Server cal failed"

When I try to access templates, I get the same error.

I have sent you my login / account details by email to check.