Professional Designer - Templates?


Are there any templates available for the Professional Designer?

Specifically, I would like to know if there is a template for the tablet shown in the video on your site.

It looks like the Tab Bar is on the left, with the Tablet in Landscape.

How do you get the Tab Bar on the left?

There was an error loading templates until recently resolved. Log out of your Pro Designer and log in.


When I select the UI option and then Templates in the Professional Designer, I get two options:

My private templates

My public templates

Clicking on either of the two options, gives a 500 Server Error

I still don’t know how to get the Tab Bar on the left of a Screen. Any answers on that?

My templates are working again now :slight_smile:
Thanks team :slight_smile:

As for the tab bar anywhere other than at the bottom, I think you'll find that is a bespoke design.

But I could be wrong.

Yes, the menu on the left is just a series of button on top of a specific background design, it’s not using a tab bar widget.