QNAP controller


Is the QNAP controller still a viable option?

My QNAP has an old version installed (2.1) and would like to update before I get started.

I see someone on here asked where 2.6 for QNAP is, over a year ago, with no answer.

I see QNAP NAS is still listed on the OpenRemote controller page, however, the link incorrectly goes to the main community page.

I cannot find any instructions on how to build / compile for QNAP.



I have the same need… and I see you did not receive any answer… at least, not here…

At the moment I’ve solved using a WindowsXP machine within the Virtualization Station on my QNAP, but this is quite “tricky”… and a waste of resources…

I would definitely prefer something which is “native”…

Should anyone have some ideas, please share them…


Try looking the link on this old archives