Repository for graphics/images

Is there a repository for graphics/ images for buttons, switches, sliders etc. that people may be open to sharing that can enhance the UI? I was watching some videos on YouTube on Openremote demos and there were some really nice professional looking icons on the UI panels.


Have you taken a look around the templates within the designer?

Hi Stuart

i looked under the template- it shows 2 folder ‘My private template"’ and “'my public templates”. I dont seem to have any contents in them. Is there any other place i should be looking at?


Good morning.

Indeed, "My Templates" is where your contributions are managed.

If you proceed as if you are creating a new screen for your design and choose "New from Template", a pop up window will appear that allows you to import a screen design from your own templates, or you can search the public templates.

There are hundreds of public designs in there, but there is always room for some more if you feel like contributing.

Good luck,