Small form factor platform options


After having played with OR right during it’s inception I am looking to really come back to the fold and start to incorporate OR based solutions in the automation and control solutions we offer.

I would like to know what the current concensus is about OR on devices like Raspberry PI and Beaglebone.

I see some discussion around the platforms and it appears that RPI has some traction but I know BB offers some advantages. Does anyone have any thoughts about this and other single board alternatives to RPI?



Hello Jez,

Please allow me to introduce myself, I own and run MDAR Ltd in the UK.

Initially I approached OpenRemote with the view to adding Velbus automation as officially supported hardware.

This was achieved incredibly quickly and together we've gone on to court some really interesting projects.

As a spin off, I invested a lot of time in finding a mini computer that would both work as a TCP gateway for Velbus and OpenRemote, whilst also being capable of hosting an OpenRemote controller.

What I've settled on is a BeagleBone Black in a full size din rail case.

Now that we have a number of these out in the field, I'm confident to say that as a Velbus gateway they work really well.

As a machine that hosts a reasonable sized OpenRemote design, they work extremely well considering the processor power.

What I have discovered in the last few days is that the host OS plays a major role in the efficiency of the board. (A no brainier)

I've got Ubuntu 16 LTS running on a board right now which is showing very positive signs when compared to Debian Jessie 8.2.

If you want to buy one of these complete units, please drop me a line.



Thanks Stuart.

We do lots of KNX so am keen on using OR as a controller in that environment. Can I ask why the BeagleBone device was a better technology decision than RPI? Also, what sort of size project can you deploy using one of your DRM controllers as opposed to PC/NAS hosted controllers? Can you email me some more info on the devices, prices etc.



Thanks for the chat on the phone.

I look forward to meeting up with you.