staging designer not working


i could not login to

first i get a certificate failure but when i proceed and fill up my username: robke it will not load my design (tried on iexplorer and chrome).

is something changed of is there another login page?

regards Rob!topic/openremotecommunity/E6OAw7zOGYQ

i tried that one a few months ago, but i get errors like most users when importing the zip file. the migration server is shutdown so there has to be another solution to login.

Did you read the very last post?

yes i did, for about 2 weeks ago i could still login into the staging designer, i dont hope that i need to redesign everything there would be too much work involved.
maybe its temporary down or something, are you using designer 2.5?

I can't speak for the core team, so I can't shed any light on the how a migration might work.

For reference, I've only ever worked with the paid for version of OpenRemote.