Using OpenRemote MQTT broker to publish custom topics

Hi all,

I am Daniel Gutierrez, and I am working in a project where I have a main device collecting data from sensors, and this main device then publish the sensor data to a HiveMQ broker. The format of the topic is:


Where systemID is a unique ID, sensorType is a string, and sensorID is an alphanumeric value. For example:


Then, the format of the payload is a JSON payload that looks like:

“status”: 1,
“dimLevel”: 50.2,
“presence”: 0

Right now, I am using HiveMQ as broker, my device as client that publish data, and OpenRemote as client that subscribe the data and update the state of one light asset. But I would like to use (in the future) the MQTT broker from OpenRemote to be completely independent of HiveMQ. This is, OpenRemote as broker, my device as client to publish, the light asset as client to subscribe.

I was not able to publish any message, and I found that to do it, I need to use a specific format.

Is there any way to do it?


Hi Daniel,

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If I understand you correctly, you would like to use the OpenRemote MQTT API and you don’t want to change the topic you are currently using (systemID/sensorType/sensorID)?
You can’t change the topic your main device uses to publish the data?


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if you are using another MQTT Broker, you are be able to add a MQTT Agent to OpenRemote and listen to the topics.

Just in case, you aren’t be able to change the topics of your devices.


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You are right, I want to use the MQTT API. And no, we cannot change the topic since the topics are already being used by another functionalities of the system. We would like to publish/subscribe the topics as we had, but instead of using HiveMQ URLs we would like to use OpenRemote URLs.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Dennis,

Thanks! That is exactly how I did until now, but the idea is to not have different services with different companies. We would like to have everything together :slight_smile: Being independent of HiveMQ or any other MQTT broker provider will make everything a bit easier for the project!

Thanks again,
Dani :slight_smile: