using openremote over the internet help

hey all,

i have started trying to use openremote over the internet but having a lil issue of not being able to control anything.

i have a ddns to my router and then have port forwarding on port 8080 to my nas drive that is running openremote.

so when i go to from the internet i get the sync page.

when i then add the controller url to the iphone it can see the panel but it comes up with the cross.

i can open the panel but non of the buttons work.

what am i missing??

router is netgear d7000

nas is asustor AS5104T openremote version 2.1.0

iphone 6s app version 2.5.0

thanks in advance,


Sorry it is working fine after rebooting the nas. Have on had it on the nas for the last 2 days. Don't think it's working properly on it. :frowning:

Hi Nick, note that v2.5 uses 8688 as port not 8080