Value Filters in Attributes

Hello again,

i have tested weather data but i have a question…

{"id":500,"main":"Rain","description":"light rain","icon":"10d"},
{"id":200,"main":"Thunderstorm","description":"thunderstorm with light rain","icon":"11d"}

with the following json file everything works fine when i put in temperature attribute the VALUE FILTERS as the following
“path”: “$.main.temp”,
“type”: “jsonPath”,
“returnLast”: false,
“returnFirst”: true

what must i put in attribute VALUE FILTERS when i want to get back the conditions …
something like Rain and Thunderstorm …
What i must put when in json file is an array with multiple values??

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I’ve looked quickly at the API and if you’re calling an endpoint that retrieves multiple weather objects and you want the condition at each then a JSON path expression like $.list[*].weather..main will get an array of values, you can link these to a JSON Array attribute and use a value filter array like this:

        "path": "$.list[*].weather..main",
        "type": "jsonPath"

Hello rich,

thanks for your answer… (it works…) but in a more complex example i found in the following URL{"latestWkid"%3A3857%2C"wkid"%3A102100}

a json file with Accessible_Parking_Spaces in several spots…

i create the Agent (with the above URI) but i want to return the sum of noofspaces in all properties…
How can i repeat and add the number of the field name “noofspaces” ??

Thanks in advance


The generic protocols like HTTP Client can only ever get you so far, for advanced functionality then you need to start writing some java to either extend existing protocols or write a custom one. That being said if you can extract a JSON array of the values you want to sum then you can use the JSON path sum function to collate.

Internally the JSON Path value filter uses the following library: