ZWAVE Integration PC


Upgraded to Profesional Designer and can´t get ZWAVE up and running now!!!

“Send Request Error Command not found.”

Worked fine with the free version.

I´m on a PC with a UZB Stick (with licence)


Thanks in advance

I’m assuming that you have used the very first version of the Z-Wave protocol implementation. The new Z-Wave version, that comes with the Professional Designer, works completely different compared to the old version when a Z-Wave device is included to the network. As opposed to the old version, the new version interviews the new node in order to retrieve all device capabilities.

In rare cases it may happen that the interview process fails and the Z-Wave device is not discovered. You should see an error message in the Z-Wave log if this happens (see /logs/zwave/zwave.log).

After a new Z-Wave device has been included to the network and the interview step went well a new file that contains the device capabilities is created in the directory /webapps/controller/zwave.