2.5 Designer - still available?

Lo all

Been a while, and hope all are well - but I now need to edit an old setup, and designer.openremote.com is down. It still resolves, so I’m wondering:

a) Is it down? (poss due to Log4J?)
b) Is it deprecated/do I need to run locally now?


Hi Peter, as announced earlier we have shut down the Designer as of December 2021. The source code is still available on our GitHub. We are now fully focussing on the new Manager, a generic IoT / Device platform. It’s definitely not a one-on-one replacement but could still be of relevance.

We wrote about the rationale behind our choice to shutdown in the August 2021 newsletter.


I think I missed that one (and something on my security filters is blocking mailchimp) :
For my immediate need I kludged the controller.xml (changed a device, didn’t need to change UI)

I thought I saw some instructions to build the designer et al somewhere but can’t find a succinct page? (poor Google-fu!)

This might be what you are looking for…GitHub - openremote/Designer: OpenRemote 2 Designer

Hello Pierre,
no - this is not what we are looking for!!
I put (really) hundreds of hours in the design of different UIs for phones, touchscreens and iPads with openremote. Went through the trouble of learning API calls, IR protocols, researched cameras to integrate and operate - building a one of a kind system thanks to your software - and your response for shutting the tool down is a link and a comment like: “didn’t you get the memo?”
Please - make a description, make a video, make a blog post on how we can still edit our project!!
How to install the designer on a local machine.
And why not just keep the site up as is? Can’t imagine that it’s that much traffic. I personally would even pay up to 50€ a year for that.
Thanks! Still a fan!


Hi Pierre,

I would also be more than happy to pay for a service like rabbitfire!!

I checked GitHub and see the source which I believe is version 2.0 instead of 2.5.

The installation instructions to host my own designer capability are very limited and I am not sure I am able to recreate the capability myself.

One solution might be to create a docker container that is configured to provide the designer platform for folks that would still like to use it.

Please help!


I agree with Rabbit fire. Please (please please) have the openremote designer back up and running. I have put a lot of effort in my openremote. and a lot of effort was needed, because i am not a programmer. To set up my own designer is therefore a little to problematic for me, i guess.

I was always affraid that it wouldnt last a decade, and that I have a smart but not operational house system. But this is only a few years.
I would also pay if it would go back online.


Yup, the github instructions are (obviously) out of date, and things have moved on.
I’ve got as far as getting Java/Ant/GWT semi-installed in a docker image but keep hitting walls, due to things missing.

The current being

Unable to find ‘com/google/gwt/logging/LoggingDisabled.gwt.xml’ on your classpath; could be a typo, or maybe you forgot to include a classpath entry for source?

And lo, that doesn’t exist in the VM I’m using as a shell, (gwt 2.0.4 is downloaded and unzipped and linked in build.properties)

Without a full set of build docs/environment references, the src is not usable ‘as is’ to rebuild from src (I can hack around eric’s folder names in src but not which versions of things I need)