2.5 interface binding

Lo all

It’s been a while :slight_smile:

Still rocking 2.5, but I recently changed physical server, installed Docker and macvlan interface.

Now everytime I reboot, I find OpenRemote isn’t talking to Lightwave, because the macvlan interface changes MAC (random) and it appears OpenRemote will use that interface by default (it binds to everything but for some reason that one is getting “priority”.

Is there a specific way to get the server to bind the given IP/interface? I know how to change the port, but not set a binding…

Have you tried to use host networking mode?

I’m not running OR in a container, I’m running docker on the host where OR runs, and I have a macvlan interface for docker on the host.

The problem is that (so far) they all have metric 0, and for some reason, all OR UDP traffic exits from the macvlan interface, which changes MAC

I’ve remedied this now via my interfaces.d pre-up, however I’d still like to know how to get it to stick to one interface.

I tried “address=” in the server.xml but that broke OR loading on Android.