Accessing the OR UI from PC or Blackberry device


is there a way to access the OR UI and all the panel from a PC or a blackberry device for which there is no OR app like for Iphones or android devices?



This is an easy one :slight_smile:

You can use the webconsole that is built into the controller.

Open a web browser.

Use the URL of..

http://{your controller IP}:8688/webconsole

Once the console has loaded, you'll need to fill in the controller address.

http://{your controller IP}:8688/controller

Along with any authentication and preference for panel (not essential)

Please note that some features aren't supported by the webconsole, for example the colour picker.

However, the webconsole does support animated GIF images, which can be a nice touch if you're designing an interface specifically for the webconsole.

I have a tiny design running for a client that wanted a quick overview that showed which pumps and fans were running.

Using GIF images means they can see from a distance.

Useful point, only the first frame of a GIF is used in the Android app.

any idea why i keep getting a blank white screen when using to connect to the UI with OR2.6 beta 2 controller?
It seems to work fine on the same Raspberry pi when i shutdown the 2.6 and turn on OR version 2.5.

tried connecting from several different devices but on each one of them it shows up a blank screen- no errors or anything with OR 2.6beta 2

If it helps, I have a webconsole loaded on my main website.

Feel free to use it to access your controller.

Thansk this was resolved by using http://controller_ip:8088/webconsole-2.1.5/