Adding another realm or user - keycloak error


I have the custom deployment up and running and trying to have a situation where I have one view which shows the map and assets etc and then another view which just shows the “Custom” page, which I’ll use to show a dashboard with assets.

Should I be using realms or users for this?

I assume realms should be managed in keycloak. However, when I navigate to the “administration console” in Keycloak I get an error “Invalid parameter: redirect_uri”.

Any advice would be great. Thanks.

Hi Henry,

It’s not completely clear to me what you are trying to accomplish. What do you mean with ‘another view’ that shows a custom page. Is that a different app? So I’m also not sure what the ‘this’ is in your question about realms and users.

In general, you can use the OpenRemote manager to add realms and users. For more advanced identity and access management you should indeed use Keycloak. The “Invalid parameter: redirect_uri” is a bug we currently have, but you can press the link that is directly below it and that will bring you to the Keycloak landing page.

If you give some more details on your project we might be able to help you better.


Thanks for getting back to me Don. Yeah I really wasn’t clear, sorry.

Maybe view isn’t the best word to use – instance maybe, although I know this is used interchangeably with realm in OpenRemote. What I’m imagining is one view which is the regular manager view (showing map, assets etc). But then a much more restricted view which just shows a dashboard which I would have created in the manager view. I’d also like to maybe show some other controls which would not appear in the manager view.

This is to mimic an ecosystem where we have a number of devices with in-built “HMIs” (these would be the restricted views) and then we’d have the fleet management system which would be using the manager views.

Good to know re the bug.

Thanks very much!


Hi Henry,

You could create an app based on the manager app. Then you remove all pages you don’t need, leave in the insights page, and add a custom page with the controls you mention.

An other option would be the stand-alone version of the insights page. It is already in the code, but not completely up-to-date at the moment. You would have to wait for some additional features to be able to put controls on those dashboards if that is what you need. How long you would have to wait is hard to say :wink:

FYI, realms are silos with assets and users within an instance of OpenRemote. So these can be used to separate e.g. customers within one instance. In your case I can imagine the HMI instances connect as edge devices to a central fleet management system, all within the same realm.

Good luck!


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For a custom app with certain pages of the manager you just need to use the or-app component and import the page-providers you want from the manager app. It is a strategy we have used on several custom apps; you can then easily add additional pages specific to your app.