Any plans for a Kodi interface


Is there any ny plans on making a Kodi interface, so it
is easy to get and display information from Kodi ?

Or a guide, witch show how to get information on witch song i playing or a view of the content i a folder.



Hi Jesper

I've had a little luck getting the new JSon queries to work between Kodi and OpenRemote.

Which I've started a thread about here :-!searchin/openremotecommunity/kodi/openremotecommunity/E294EfLeOiE

If you want any help, just give me a shout and I'll do what I can, just keep in mind that I'm not a programmer and I was only experimenting with Kodi and OpenRemote.

My experience so far brings me to these conclusions..

The network traffic between OpenRemote and Kodi to keep the data up to date in OpenRemote is pretty intensive.

The best way to remotely control the media library in Kodi is to use the native web interfaces.

Transport control and volume works pretty well in OpenRemote.

I hope this help you.

Best wishes,