Anyone integrate with CalAmp devices

We are looking at using OpenRemote with a project where we have about 6K CalAmp devices in the field. We are looking to refresh the back-end and was hoping someone may have done integration with CalAmp or any tips on custom integration work

I bet that @panos knows more about this

As @martin.peeters mentioned @panos has done lots of work on fleet management specifically with Teltonika devices, just search around for OpenRemote fleet management.

No specific experience with CalAmp devices so it will depend on what protocol(s) they support before deciding an integration path.

Good morning @seisanchuck ,

I looked around for CalAmp and it seems that they have their own API for integrating with the devices. If that can be changed, it seems that CalAmp at least uses UDP to connect to devices. To listen to UDP messages, you can use an AbstractUDPServer to listen to the messages you receive, and parse the messages in the way that is described in the documentation. Then you just create or update the vehicle assets with the most recent information. You can look into my TeltonikaMQTTHandler implementation on openremote/fleet-management to get an idea how to do that.

If you have any more questions, let me know!

Thanks @panos - I figured that may be the case, surprised with how big CalAmp is in various fleet solutions that nobody has done an integration to drop in easily. Anyway I had built my own full UDP server setup to get the CalAmp messages for about 15K devices - so I have some background on the UDP format, need to see what has been updated this was back in like 2014. I am wondering if it makes sense to just make a UDP gateway that send an MQTT message - field conversion matched up to the Teltonika format