Appearance not Loading


New appearance section shows up within menu and when proceeding to the area, just a loading screen comes up and remains in this state. Tested within Firefox and Edge with same results, was looking forward to trying out this new feature.

Possibly a bug with first release, any one else experience this behavior and know the fix?


Are you logged in with Superuser? (admin)

Could you provide the log from your browser console?

Hi Denis,

Yes logged in as admin otherwise Appearance is not shown within menu.

Error - Failed to load resource: the server /manager_config.json:1 responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Did you update yml file

./deployment:/deployment under manager volume ??

This was just a quick install to try out this feature, so no modifications.

Hi @lonesync,

Thanks for reporting the issue. In the ‘basic’ setup the manager_config.json is indeed not referenced. We are going to improve this flow. I will get back to this topic soon :slight_smile: