Asset tracking maps

With asset tracking how do you get the map to update if the assest ventures out of the original map location? or is it possible?


Unfortunately automatic map panning isn’t supported but an interesting problem.

Difficulty with implementing will be exactly how it works with many assets…maybe the ability to track or centre the selected asset

Working on global tracking of some ocean going barges…so I guess the hunt continues to try and find a solution that is affordable.

We have experience with vessel tracking for a project in Eindhoven using AIS data directly from an antenna located near the Beatrixkanaal, if you can describe what behaviour you expect from the map particularly when there are multiple assets moving on the map we might be able to prioritise any enhancements to the map.

I am looking to track ocean going barges via satellite and import the position via API. Position is uploaded 3 times a day and since it is global would need the mapping to be able to show broad overview of the location. Don’t need street level just birds eye and higher.

Hi, you are mentioning ‘some barges’ which sounds you just need a global map with a global view initially? When selecting an individual barge it will bring you to the asset page of that barge which then automatically focusses the map on the location of this individual barge.

If so it would just need replacing the map, which is documented at