Asset Tree presented in tables (paginable)

Hi community,
I am a fresh newbie and am looking if OpenRemote will suit our needs.
My first impression is, with the Maps-tab and further integrated Maps functionality, that it’s more aimed at Smart Cities then IoT devices in buildings (correct me if I am wrong!)

Instead of having an overview of the Assets in maps display, I would like to see a table with pagination showing all buildings, and preferably clicking on a building in the table, showing all IoT devices in that building (with custom attributes like ‘room’, ‘floor’ and such).

I saw that you can create parent relations, and they are nicely displayed in tree-form in the Assets tab.
But this becomes unmanageable with bigger numbers of buildings and devices.

Could somebody point me in a direction how to proceed with changing this tree into a (nested) tableview? (clicking on a building row opening a new table with all devices for example)

Is it also possible to remove the Maps tab, or make a display with a table as stated above?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Sorry for the late reply.

Our Manager UI is meant as an administrator tool and tries to cover most common use cases.

We use web components (specifically the lit element library) so it is easy to extend the UI and add custom functionality.

The manager object in the @openremote/core npm module handles all the logic for authentication and provides a statically typed typescript REST API for making calls to the manager backend so retrieving and/or querying assets should be straight forward.

If you are more familiar with another UI framework then you can still use @openremote/core to provide the logic for communicating with the backend as this module is just pure typescript.

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