Asset's attributes API to get existing data in website

I have created my web application, where I want to call API to get asset attribute data into widget, as in Openremote manager, insight section can create dashboard, as we drag widget in panel and click on it, it asked to select attribute, as we click on attribute right side, one new window open to select attribute, basically this is asset page. I want to know which API shall use to bring this asset page for attribute selection?

First of all, welcome!

What exactly are you looking for?
Do you want to reuse this ‘attribute selector’ in your own custom application?
The HTTP API call to get a list of attributes?

Or do you have issues with adding an attribute to a widget?

Hi Martin, Really appreciate your help.

Do you want to reuse this ‘attribute selector’ in your own custom application?

YES, I want to reuse “attribute selector” in my custom application.

We use the or-attribute-picker web component for this.
It’s used at several places throughout the Manager app.

Sadly we do not actively publish web components at the moment, so you can’t simply use a package manager like npm for it. You can however freely look at the code on the GitHub repo, try to copy the or-attribute-picker web component folder, and reuse it in your own project.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your prompt reply, you previous suggestion for attribute picker was helpful.

In our case, we create a dashboard, select a widget, now to show the data into the widget’s we need to to select any asset’s attribute or attributes.

Here my question is, there any HTTP or WS or any other APIs which we can call easily, if yes, please also guide how to use it properly.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Of course we have several APIs available to connect with the Manager.
See here: