Assets not part of realms

I think you dont need realm included url to publish the value .

I see openremote demo project and my project also , realm not included in url but i can publish and subscribe both no issue .

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All right, thank you for your answer. The reason for mosquitto is i’m deploying a couple is esp32’s with arduino and planning to gather data from them via mqtt. As i realized people are having issues with arduino with encryption so the idea was to have mosquitto as a gateway between unencrypted arduino mqtt flow and OpenRemote as a client to ingest all the data with it being encrypted for the users.

The issue with the url missing realm name is a bit confusing considering even the official wiki shows the realm name in the url and i had the issue before with realms not showing at realms page not even master, i thought i’m still not ok…

i’m open for any easier methods if you have any in mind…


Can you pls give a try

ESP32_Mqtt_SSL-1.txt (7.4 KB)


Just to clarify here; realm is needed in HTTP request URLs but not in MQTT topics. For MQTT realm is extracted from the username i.e username=realm:username