Attribute disappears from Rule, when "Read Only" is true

Hey there,

is this effect wanted?

In my case:

I add an Attribute to an Asset… then i doing a WhenThen-Rule with that attribute.
In the next Step, when i’m adding a “Read only” to it, the Attribute is disappearing from the Rule.



Bug is fixed… Can confirm that Pull works

Hi Denis,

I’m questioning the purpose logic here as it wasn’t a bug but a deliberate choice. If an attribute is READ_ONLY why should a rule be able to change it…

Are you marking it READ_ONLY just to prevent users from writing to the attribute in the asset viewer but you still want to alter the attribute from a rule?

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Hey rich,

exactly what you describe.

since now i just solved it this way:

add attribute → add rule → then add “Read Only”

after that, the rule was be able to alter the attribute, although Read Only was true.

For example: I have an Barometer and GPS. The Barometer delivering my current pressure, the gps is getting the altitude by geolocation, i also getting the current sealevel. I compare this three values to get my real altitude.

i just wanted to prevent, that the user is adding some values to this attribute, cause the rule is calculating it.


Thanks for clarifying; longer term we will probably look for a better solution to this general problem but this patch will at least solve your use case but also could seem strange to some users when something like room temperature shows as selectable in the Then condition but it does allow rules to have the same level of capability as an actual protocol.

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