Auto Prosioning Response with Service User credentials


I am trying to create and asset using Auto Provisioning feature and it is working as expected.
To be honest, this is really great feature.

The problem is after the Auto Provisioning the client devices can’t connect with OpenRemote over MQTT because it does have any information about thew newly created service user and its secret.

How can I fetch the newly created user and its secret to connect mqtt to read/write attributes?
or Is there any way to send this information as part of AP request?


Hi Hatim,

Glad to hear you got the auto provisioning working.

The idea is that you send the provisioning request and once you get a successful response your session is then authenticated as that service user; any time you lose connection you will have to go through the provisioning request again (but no additional asset will be created).

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Hi Rich,

Ahh alright. This makes a lot of sense.
My mistake was, I was creating a new MQTT client once Auto Provisioning response is received.
I never thought that I already have a connected client authenticated using certificates so there wouldn’t’ be any need of creating new connection using user credentials - no wonder I am still a naive. :melting_face:

Thank you for your help here.



I tried to use the same MQTT client, unfortunately it does not seem to be work. I have not got any chance to troubleshoot. I could not find any error message in any logs. It’s just not getting message from OpenRemote to the client.

You subscribe to the provisioning response topic and wait for a success message to be received there?

From this success message you can extract the asset ID if needed for future attribute publishes.

Yes, I am getting response and getting the asset ID.
I am subscribing using that asset ID.
I can see the mqtt client status is connected.
Unfortunately, It can’t communicate. There must be some setting that I am missing here.